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High ticket-repeat sales!

Custom Millwork / Fabrication / Distribution  Since 1991

Window Coverings: It's the #1 purchase made after purchasing a new home or commercial space.

Our Affiliate opportunity: It's you opening the door with the client... and us providing sales, products and services.

The result: You build a personal income stream by us paying you every month. Use your private dealer portal to login and track it all!

 Excellent Strategic Partner Network - in a 7 Billion Dollar Industry!


Louisville, Indianapolis, Nashville, Chicago, Cincinnati, Lexington...

   This Business Opportunity is offered to qualified service professionals, in a growing number of cities, who have a reputable community presence. Professional Home Builders, Realtors, Interior Designers, Developers, Property Managers, and certain types of service contractors, can receive great benefits from our ESPN Affiliate Program. These professionals say that this is the easiest side-business ever imagined! You earn money and build goodwill in the relationship with your existing clients, simply by stating these few words at the right time...

"I know a guy who has a local factory, I can ask him to call you, you can see if he's any help!"

Because... you're at the right place at the right time, and it's "A Window of Opportunity"!

(National Survey says)

Window Coverings are going to be your client's next major purchase!

   We can provide your clients with a "game winning" quote for their window coverings. These are premium products and services that they will need and want. They're at a point in time (having just made a major purchase) when they could really appreciate a deal. You'll have the power to make it happen and earn big commissions from this 7 billion dollar industry! Please take a close look at how you and your client both gain when you are Affiliated with USI. We're a 25+ year old factory that upon your request, will call your client and offer to provide a highly competitive commercial-type bid at no cost and no obligation. Measuring, consulting and showing samples can all be done at their convenience on site! If for any reason your customer isn't convinced that our offer is their best deal, you could even have us look at further negotiating (we will always honor your request). Basically we are your factory to utilize to your own benefit and profit, while helping others as you build your primary business!

Your Affiliate contribution (making that statement listed above and sending the info) bridges the gap and removes a middleman (the retailing operation) out of the sales process for your client. This is a very expensive, time consuming, and often confusing part of that process. Selections can be overwhelming. Independent retailers can often provide good service, but the prices are much higher. That's tough for any budget when there are multiple windows that need to be done. Big Box Stores and Online Sites often offer low prices, but the customer service is very lacking.  You now have the power to empower your client to deal direct and get professional service also!

We, unlike the Big Box Stores and Online Sites "Excel at customer service" while offering even lower pricing! Our customers don't spend valuable time finding help in the retail stores or online searching for information on products, options available, how to fit and look best in their window.

It is important to your client; to have these highly visible products that provide durable function, compliment the appearance of their new home or business (inside and out) and to fit into their budget. The end results will be lived with for many years to come. Doing it right causes the client to become a happy customer and that is how we grow your business into the future, paying you on their referrals and referrals from the referrals on and on!

Do you like simplicity?  A business that you do, by just doing what you do!

   Your success has been greatly influenced by an attitude of service, along with the willingness and ability to be of help to your clients. You are now empowered to do more (without spending more money or taking more time). No investment and little to no learning curve, just simply catch the vision, get connected with us, and start making more money while you're just doing what you do ! It is our promise to you!  We are...

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United Services Inc. Custom Millwork / Fabricator / Wholesale Distributor since 1991

  A local factory / wholesale distributor producing our own popular brand of Grace Custom Shutters, along with Custom Wood Blinds and Shades. We also work through the high volume retail dealership who handles all the industry's most popular Name Brands. Together we've provided products and convenient services for thousands of satisfied customers from small residential to large commercial. Experienced with over 25 years of Professional Sales, Design, Installation and Lifetime Service. We are definitely in a position with the resources to win the business and complete the projects.

Your affiliation with our factory develops a streamlined marketing and operating process. This allows us to accomplish more value within your clients' budget than would otherwise be possible! They'll appreciate you for it and you'll make money for years to come from referrals to both sides of your businesses!

Have you caught the vision? By you simply stating to your client:

“ I know a guy with a local factory, I'll ask him to call you, and you can see if he's any help

Just watch the appreciation that you receive! Your position creates a winning scenario;

"From the Factory Floor to your Client's Window

in the most Cost Efficient and Customer Friendly way"

You're going to enjoy the empowerment of being able to empower your client!

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Let's Build A Prosperous Tomorrow, Together!